Linear Algebra for Computer Graphics 101

What is a vector?

A vector is an element of a vector space. Not very helpful is it? This leads to the next question which is… Continue reading


Radiometry for CG

Radiometry is at the core of practically every rendering algorithm out there. Each pixel in the frame buffer is just a small surface on which light reflected by objects in the scene falls onto. The unique goal of a rendering algorithm is to compute the amount of light passing through every pixel in the frame buffer. For this reason, I think it is important to have, at least, a basic understanding of some of the concepts studied by radiometry. I’ve written this article basically as a reference for myself, but, hopefully, others might find it useful although this stuff is well covered in any good computer graphics text. Continue reading

DALi 3D Engine

Early this month took place the “Tizen Developer Conference 2014” in San Francisco. This year, DALi 3D Engine was presented. DALi 3D is an open source 3D engine and UI toolkit, developed by Samsung, which is part of the Tizen Native Framework. You can check out the slides for the presentation here. I joined DALi team on January this year so I have not contributed to it very much so far but I would like to congratulate all my colleagues for the amazing work.


Hello and welcome to my personal blog.

I just started learning OpenCL, and, as I love ray tracing, I couldn’t think of a better exercise to learn than writing a real time path tracer with it ( not really original indeed ). The idea is to begin  with a very simple ray tracer, and keep adding features until we come up with a real time renderer to produce unbiased montecarlo path traced images on the GPU. So, there we go!