Ray tracer updates

Some updates. Added area lights ( note nice soft shadows ) and a physically based shading model (normalized blinn-phong) for evaluating direct lighting. As you can see in the video, the renderer uses progressive refinement so the scene can be rendered in real-time.

Traceator 2013-09-16 23-43-22-60visualitzador-2013-10-30-23-09-44-39

Traceator 2013-09-16 23-38-29-71

Traceator 2013-09-16 23-41-14-77

Visualitzador 2013-10-30 23-09-44-39Visualitzador 2013-10-30 23-11-49-99 Visualitzador 2013-10-18 00-21-21-05

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